Reasons to Travel

Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world? There are many people who long to quit their jobs and get out there to see the world but for some reason they never make the leap. Below are some of the most common excuses people use and the reasons you should ignore them and just go traveling.

1. I am Afraid – Leaving the comfort of your life, your home, city and country is scary. It’s possible that you have heard or read traveling stories that ended badly. Traveling is an experience and there are dangers out there but nothing much more serious then you would experience at home. Millions of people safely travel the world every year, and so can you.

2. I Hate My Job But… – You hate your job but hope that something will change next year. You are convinced that you will wake up one day and everything will be different and your job will be everything you always hoped for? Keep dreaming, the only way to change your life is to change it yourself. Travel can change not only your perspective on things but also your career path. In the end about the worst thing that can happen is you have a great year traveling and then return to the job you hate with recharged batteries and a new outlook.

3. I Can’t Afford It – There is no way around it, travel is expensive. You can minimize the costs by traveling, as cheaply as possible but in the end you will need enough money to fund the trip and a minimum of 3 months worth of expenses when you return to real life. Save, Save and then save some more. Cut back on anything that is non-essential, get another job, and sell your car. In the end it will be worth it.

4. Maybe Next Year – The longer you keep putting it off, the less likely it is that you will go. Sooner then you imagine you will be sitting around an old folks home regretting your procrastination. Most people avoid change and tend to get comfortable in their routines and ruts. It takes effort to motivate yourself to make some changes. Make a reservation; buy a plane ticket, do whatever it takes to motivate yourself.

5. Test Run – If you are still not sure, do a test run. Take a short trip to someplace that is slightly exotic but still a very well traveled tourist destination. Thailand or Cambodia are good locations to start. This will help you figure out how comfortable you are traveling alone and get an idea of what it costs.