Travel Happy, Budget Low

Practical Money Saving Tips for World Travel and Cultural Enrichment

Global traveler Susanna Zaraysky is our tour guide through her book “Travel Happy, Budget Low.” The book is written for budget travelers of all ages, beginners and the well-informed.

Prepare to make your dream trip a reality. Read carefully each of the thirteen sections of the book. You will find “Over 200 money saving tips to see the world!” Plan now to update that seldom used passport packed away with your memorabilia. Take to heart the old adage, “Half the fun is in the planning.” Susanna combines her personal experiences, awkward moments, and disillusionment in an effort to enable the reader to learn from her mistakes and avoid these pitfalls.

These personal stories are helpful as they alert you to the possibility of unforeseen disappointments or serious setbacks. I appreciated the invaluable tips pre-trip planning, securing accommodations, handing the money basics, and the reminders and suggestions for seniors.

Susanna included over 160 helpful website resources covering each of the major topics discussed in the guidebook. I learned tricks on getting, packing, going through customs, obtaining passports, suggestions for finding tables on dollar exchange rates, and for converting feet and inches to the metric system.

“Travel Happy, Budget Low” is a well-designed, wide-ranging easy to read guidebook for self-sufficient travelers. Get on board, sit back, fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the flight, the food, and your accommodations. Experience the fascination of a new culture and the amazing wonder of world travel.